The benefits of

Prebiotic Fiber

nurture from within

You may have heard of PRObiotics, but have you heard of PREbiotics? They’re what feeds and nourishes your gut’s good bacteria. Instead of adding bacteria to your gut which is what taking PRObiotics would do, PREbiotics, a type of fiber, feed the good bacteria living in your gut, helping them to thrive1.

Depending on your diet and lifestyle, you may already have a healthy bacterial community living inside (also known as the microbiome) that just need to be fed daily so they can remain strong and prevent bad bacteria from growing2.

What are the differences between PREbiotic fiber and PRObiotics?

How It Works:

  • Everyone has what’s known as a gut flora, also sometimes referred to as a gut microbiota. It is as unique to you as your DNA. Within is buried a community of tens of trillions of microorganisms including bacteria.

  • PREbiotic Fiber is a type of fiber found in plant based sources like specific fruits, veggies and the sap of the African acacia tree. Unlike many other nutrients, it is not immediately digested. Instead it travels to the large intestine where it ferments and is used as food by good bacteria1.

  • Good gut bacteria eats PREbiotic fiber so they can thrive and grow – there is simply no more room for bad bacteria to remain3.

  • A healthy gut, functioning optimally, promotes health and overall well-being4.

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