Our Story

our mission

We believe that a good way to connect with your body and overall well-being is through good gut health.

We are passionate wellness seekers who care about sharing our knowledge with those who value health and wellness as much as we do.

Hyggut.com aims to help you better understand the power of gut wellness and make it easier to take good care of yourself wherever your journey takes you.

Our Motto:

“Health. Wellness. Positive Living.”

Our Story

Over the past year, our team worked hard to develop Hyggut, a simple, delicious, feel-good snack that supports the gut and overall well-being from the inside out.

We gathered groups of wellness enthusiasts just like you plus a highly qualified chef and nutritionist to create feel-good snacks that would both resonate with our shared values and feed good gut bacteria. The journey was long, and our first prototypes were more feel-good than taste-good snacks, but after lots of hard work, and trusting our gut, we landed on the perfect recipes. We are happy to share it with you, and we hope you’ll love it as much as we do.

The best way to find out is to have a try! We hope you will share your experience with us so we can improve – Our gut wellness journey is only just beginning!!

our team

  • Virginie

    Our Startup

  • Aly

    Our Brand Marketer

  • Tasha

    Our Brand Marketer

  • Max

    Our Customer Care Manager

  • Our Name

    Hyggut sources its inspiration from the Danish lifestyle concept “Hygge” that speaks to our beliefs and values. The Hygge concept is about being connected to yourself and your environment to make yourself feel good and live in the moment. It’s about improving overall well-being. And, because we know good gut health has a big role to play in our overall sense of well-being, we’ve connected Hygge and gut to create Hyggut!!

  • Social Responsibility

    We strongly believe in a responsible and purposeful organization grounded into a “win-win” model where communities and ecosystems benefit and grow.

    At Hyggut, we try our best to contribute by spreading our discovery around Gut Wellness and how it can help you to feel good – our team is here to help you know how.

  • Waste Management

    As we care about our ecosystem, pouch waste is a true concern for us. We are collaborating with our partners to find a more eco-friendly packaging solution. For now, Hyggut pouches have no aluminum layer, unlike many other pouches in the market, and are shelf stable which helps with both carbon footprint and food waste management. As well, the carton and cap can be recycled.