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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hyggut?

Hyggut is a portable and delicious gut health snack that supports your overall well-being by feeding your good gut bacteria with prebiotic fiber.

What does Hyggut mean?

Hyggut has no real meaning per se but it sources its inspiration from the Danish concept “Hygge” that connects with our belief and values. The Hygge concept is about being connected to yourself and your environment to make yourself feel good and live in the moment. It’s about improving overall well-being. As we believe our gut health has a big role to play in our well-being, we connected Hygge and Gut to create Hyggut.

Why is Gut Health important?

Recent scientific discoveries show that gut health is connected to overall wellness both physically, with 70% of the immune system being located in the gut1, and mentally, as the gut sends information to our brain, influencing mood and state of mind2.

What is Prebiotic Fiber?

Prebiotic fiber is a type of fiber that is found in plant-based sources like specific fruit and veggies and in the sap of the African acacia tree that nourishes your gut’s naturally good bacteria. Unlike many other foods, prebiotic fiber is not immediately digested. Instead, it travels to the large intestine where it is fermented and used as food for your gut’s good bacteria so they can thrive. This good bacteria leaves no room for bad bacteria to grow, so your gut is healthy and happy3.

Where can I source Prebiotic Fiber?

Prebiotic fiber is found in some plants like chicory, dandelion, leeks, parsnip, bell pepper, apple, berries, mango4, and other plant-based sources like the sap of African acacia trees5.

Why does Hyggut use Prebiotic Fiber from Acacia trees?

The recommended amount of Prebiotic fiber to grow good gut bacteria is hard to find in single servings of fruits and veggies. The sap of African acacia trees contains 90% prebiotic fiber, making it one of the best sources.

Apart from its prebiotic density, it is one of the best sources of fiber to eat that doesn’t cause any digestive discomfort like some other prebiotics do; while some fiber gets a bad rap for the less pleasant side effects that come from consuming a lot of it, acacia fiber does not have any of these side effects, so you can enjoy without worry5.

How much Prebiotic Fiber do I need?

5g of Prebiotic fiber from the sap of African acacia trees starts to feed and grow your good gut bacteria, but 10g per day is the ideal amount to be effective6.

Where do you source Acacia fiber?

We source our prebiotic fiber from the African Sahel, specifically from the iconic acacia trees that grow there.

What’s the difference between prebiotic fiber and probiotics?

PREbiotic fiber is a gut-friendly plant based fiber that nourishes the gut’s good bacteria and helps maintain good gut health3.

PRObiotics are various strains of live bacteria that are found in fermented foods, as well as dietary supplements, that add good bacteria to the gut7.

Ultimately, prebiotics and probiotics work together synergistically to help promote good gut health8.

Where is Hyggut produced?

Products are manufactured in the US.

How can I contact Hyggut?

Call us: 1-888-864-3120

Email us: [email protected]

Tweet us: @Hyggut

DM us on Instagram: @Hyggut

Facebook us: facebook.com/Hyggut

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Where can I purchase Hyggut?

Hyggut is available regionally at Whole Food North East stores and all around New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

To find a store near you, check out https://hyggut.com/where-to-buy/ for a list of stores where Hyggut is sold.

Where can I find Hyggut in-store?

You can find Hyggut either in the refrigerated dairy section near where you’d find other gut health products like yogurt, kefir or probiotic shots, in the cooler section with smoothies and refrigerated snack bars, or in snack sections near the fruit snacks or nutrition bars.

Is the packaging BPA and phthalate free?

Our packaging is BPA and phthalate free.

Does Hyggut require refrigeration?

Hyggut is an ideal on-the-go gut health snack because it doesn’t require refrigeration. Once opened, Hyggut pouches should be refrigerated and consumed within 24 hours to ensure freshness.

Is Hyggut organic?

Yes, Hyggut products are USDA Organic certified through Quality Assurance International (QAI).

Is Hyggut Kosher?

Yes, Hyggut products are certified Kosher by OU (Orthodox Union).

Does Hyggut contain any major allergens?

All Hyggut products are free of the 8 major allergens according to the Food Allergen Labeling Consumer and Protection Act (FALPCA): milk, egg, fish, Crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, peanuts, and soybeans. Please see the ingredient list on the back of each pouch for flavor-specific ingredients.

Is Hyggut gluten free?


Is there added sugar in Hyggut?

No, Hyggut does not contain any added sugar. The sugar content declared in the nutritional fact panel only refers to the sugar naturally occurring from the fruit and veggies.

Is Hyggut vegetarian/vegan friendly?

Yes, Hyggut is a vegan gut health snack.

Is Hyggut Non-GMO Project Verified?

Yes, Hyggut products are Non-GMO Project Verified.

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